First let me say that being a brand specialist is like being a cheerleader.

JA_BRANDINGI will help you see your goal and motivate you on reaching your brands full potential not just with me but with your ideal client. I will mentor you on your journey and teach you some things along the way. You will do some self discovery to make your business the best extension of yourself. You ARE the brand ambassador for your business and it all has to do with an authentic and genuine voice, which is carried through to your logo, your collateral, and even your social media.

Together, we will create a vision of what you see for your business in addition to your target audience. From there, we will create a collection of pieces that are uniquely yours—no cookie cutters here people! So are you ready to start embarking on a journey together? Then let’s go.


You are officially ready to jump in and make things happen. So how to do you start this baby rolling? Easy, first email me and say “Hey Lisa!!! Let’s do this branding thing!” then I will email you with a list of things that you and are going to do on this journey. You will also have a scheduled first phone call with me to have a “meet and greet”, Holla!

Be prepared to think and reflect into your business. Take the questions I am going to ask you and go lock yourself in your office or in a place with no interruptions. These questions help me build your branding and define what you want your client to experience with your brand. If you already know what you want for your brand and just need a logo to help your client recognize your awesomeness, no worries, I can do that too. Remember, be honest with what you see yourself being with your brand. A great first impression is everything!